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    Practice Exercises At a festival


At a Festival

Choose the correct answer.
1 of 8 Where are Sam and Jennifer meeting?
In front of the market
Across from the market
Behind the market
2 of 8 What does Sam comment on when he sees Jennifer?
Her shoes
Her clothes
Her jacket
3 of 8 What do Sam and Jennifer think of the musicians?
They think they're fantastic.
They think they're okay.
They don't think they're very good.
4 of 8 What is everyone doing at the concert?
5 of 8 What is wrong with Sam during the concert?
He's tired.
He's hungry.
He's uncomfortable.
6 of 8 What does Jennifer offer Sam?
Some sweets
A bag of potato chips
A few cookies
7 of 8 Jennifer says that the food festival is…
as big as other years
larger than in the past
smaller than in the past
8 of 8 Why does Jennifer say she will only buy 3 food tickets?
Because she doesn't have very much money
Because she isn't hungry
Because she is on a diet